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31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 28- Freebie T-shirts

folded shirts

Day 28- Freebie T-Shirts

You know the ones that I am talking about….the t-shirts that you have collected from various events and races. Take a look threw you t-shirts and keep just the ones that you actually wear. If you don’t want to get rid of the rest, take a look at this link. It provides some really great ideas for upcycling old t-shirts.

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 26- Paints and Supplies

paint cans

Day 26- Paints and Supplies

When we moved into our home, the previous home owner was nice enough to leave behind EVERY SINGLE can of paint that they had ever used. We then decided that we hated every wall color and preceded to re-paint. We also kept every single can from that project…for touch-ups, etc. I like keeping extra paint for my current wall colors, but there is no reason to have old cans of paint from previous home owners sitting around.

Unfortunately, those old cans of paint hung around for a lot long than they needed to. I did not clean out our collection of old paints until about 6 months ago (5 years after moving into our home).

I didn’t toss the paint for three reasons.

  1. It was just never high on my priority list.
  2. The paints were stored on a basement shelf. So…out of sight=out of mind.
  3. I wasn’t sure the proper way to dispose of the paint.

If you are ready to thin out your miscellaneous paint can collection, please be sure to dispose of the old paint correctly. If the paint is latex (most interior house paint is latex), be sure to let the paint harden or dry before disposal. There are a few ways that you can do this. Instead of going into detail on here, visit this lowes link for more info!

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 14- Purse or Work Bag

Day 14- Purse or Work Bag

Today should be pretty easy!

  1. Take your purse or work bag and dump it on the counter.
  2. Wipe the inside and outside with disinfecting wipes.
  3. Only put back in what you use.
  4. Throw away (or recycle) the rest.