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31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 31- Phone!

iphone with apps

Day 31- Phone

It is the last day of January! That means we are at the end of the 31 day declutter challenge. On our final day of decluttering, you don’t even need to get up from where you are right now. Today, we will be decluttering your phone. Take a look at your phone. How many apps do you have? Do you use them all? How many photos and videos are on your phone? Do you really need them all, or could many of them be deleted? If you have an iPhone, how many little red bubbles do you have alerting you to notifications?

Take today to declutter your phone!

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 30- Electronics

playstation controller

Day 30- Electronics

Do you keep old versions of electronics, even after you buy the new version?


Would you ever really go back to playing on an old video game system? or use an ancient laptop when your new one is acting up?

I do keep a few old items around as temporary back ups, but most dated electronics get sold, donated, or recycled.

Check this link out for ideas on where to take your old electronics.

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 29- Socks

socks hanging on line

Day 29- Socks

Today we are going to be decluttering and organizing your sock drawer. Get rid of any socks that have holes, stains, or worn out elastic. You should also get rid of solo socks that are missing a match. If you have ran laundry a few times and the match still hasn’t shown up, get rid of the solo sock.

If you prefer to put you old socks to use, consider using them for cleaning and dusting. The best way I have found to clean blinds is by putting the sock over my hand and using it to dust.

If you have kiddos, you can also get creative and make some sock puppets.

Just be sure that after you are done using them for cleaning or crafts that they make their way to the trash. The point of declutter is to utimately have less ‘stuff’ in your home.

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 28- Freebie T-shirts

folded shirts

Day 28- Freebie T-Shirts

You know the ones that I am talking about….the t-shirts that you have collected from various events and races. Take a look threw you t-shirts and keep just the ones that you actually wear. If you don’t want to get rid of the rest, take a look at this link. It provides some really great ideas for upcycling old t-shirts.

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 27- Old/Broken Games and Puzzles

dice and chess pieces

Day 27- Old/Broken Games and Puzzles

Today I am coming after your childhood memories! Not really…but I know that is kind of what it feels like to get rid of toys and puzzles. Today, just focus on getting rid of things that you can obviously tell are broken, worn, or missing pieces. This will help you not feel guilty about throwing them away.

I am a huge fan of upcycling. I love turning everyday items into something new…especially if it is something that I no longer have a use for. An example is taking old puzzle pieces and using them for crafts or art. Here is a link to pinterest where there are tons of cute ideas for old puzzles.

Good luck and have fun!!

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 26- Paints and Supplies

paint cans

Day 26- Paints and Supplies

When we moved into our home, the previous home owner was nice enough to leave behind EVERY SINGLE can of paint that they had ever used. We then decided that we hated every wall color and preceded to re-paint. We also kept every single can from that project…for touch-ups, etc. I like keeping extra paint for my current wall colors, but there is no reason to have old cans of paint from previous home owners sitting around.

Unfortunately, those old cans of paint hung around for a lot long than they needed to. I did not clean out our collection of old paints until about 6 months ago (5 years after moving into our home).

I didn’t toss the paint for three reasons.

  1. It was just never high on my priority list.
  2. The paints were stored on a basement shelf. So…out of sight=out of mind.
  3. I wasn’t sure the proper way to dispose of the paint.

If you are ready to thin out your miscellaneous paint can collection, please be sure to dispose of the old paint correctly. If the paint is latex (most interior house paint is latex), be sure to let the paint harden or dry before disposal. There are a few ways that you can do this. Instead of going into detail on here, visit this lowes link for more info!

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 25- Perfumes and Colognes

perfumes on white shag rug

Day 25- Perfumes and Colognes

It is hard to believe that we are 25 days into January. Doesn’t it just feel like we were celebrating the New Year?!

How are you are doing with your resolutions? Are you more organized? Do you have less clutter?

Today is a quick one! Time to minimize your perfume or cologne collection. 

Today is a great day to work on some of your other declutter goals if you get time! The more you do now, the more you get to enjoy the results later!

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 24- Old Makeup

face powder and lipstick

Day 24- Old Makeup

Today is not only about decluttering, but it is also a little bit about hygiene.  Did you know that it is recommended to replace your mascara every 2-3 months?…even if it is not empty. 

Take a look through your make up drawer today toss anything that is old and that you don’t use regularly.

While you’re in your makeup drawer, go ahead and was your makeup brushes too!  Your face with thank you!

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 23- BOOKS

Books with eye glasses

Day 23- Books

Today is another hard day, especially if you are an avid reader.

I am not telling you to get rid of books that you read, plan to read, or bring you happiness.

However, I am asking you to take a look through your collections. If there are book that you are never going to read (or use) again, then why do you still have them? DONATE your books. I am not telling you to trash them or burn them, but consider giving them away! Give the gift of reading to someone that might enjoy your books…rather than refusing to get rid of them.

Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 22- Cables, Wires, Headphones

USB cable

Day 22- Cables, Wires, Headphones

Dear random bin full of tangled cables…

…today is your day. I don’t know what any of you do. I haven’t used any of you since I shoved you into this box. If I need something like you, I will probably just order one on amazon prime instead of trying to search this box of spaghetti wires. Oh, and you 5 pairs of random apple headphones that I have but don’t actually use, you’re gone too!

Time to declutter!