About Striving for Simple

My mission: to live a simple and happy life.  For someone writing a blog, you might think I am an expert at this kind of stuff.  Nope.  Just getting started over here!

I haven’t always been striving for simple.  I started out my adult life with lots of wants and goals in mind…nothing wrong with that.  However, with each goal achieved, I believed that more happiness would follow.  I thought that once I reached all my goals, I would have a happy life.  Well, fast forward a decade or so, many achievements later, and yet I had still not found happiness.  Instead, I was left with a house full of things I don’t even use, large monthly bills, and lots of stress.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and family, but I couldn’t get over why I was always running around just to keep up.  I wasn’t left with any time to enjoy my wonderful family and home.  What I finally realized is that we had lots of things, but we were missing one big thing.   That thing was ‘simple’.  I am now a firm believer that simple=happy.  And this blog will focus on just that; simple living, simple home ideas, simple meals, simple family fun, and so on…

head shot

 I haven’t gotten it all figured out yet- I am far from living completely simple- but for me it’s not about the destination- it is the journey.  Welcome to my journey.

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