Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

Day 29- Socks

socks hanging on line

Day 29- Socks

Today we are going to be decluttering and organizing your sock drawer. Get rid of any socks that have holes, stains, or worn out elastic. You should also get rid of solo socks that are missing a match. If you have ran laundry a few times and the match still hasn’t shown up, get rid of the solo sock.

If you prefer to put you old socks to use, consider using them for cleaning and dusting. The best way I have found to clean blinds is by putting the sock over my hand and using it to dust.

If you have kiddos, you can also get creative and make some sock puppets.

Just be sure that after you are done using them for cleaning or crafts that they make their way to the trash. The point of declutter is to utimately have less ‘stuff’ in your home.

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