Declutter calendar
31 Day Declutter Challenge

DAY 1- Christmas Cards

It’s January 1st! That means we are officially kicking off the 31 Day Declutter Challenge.

Let’s start with something simple.

Get rid of those Christmas cards!!

Recycle them, trash them, let your kids do arts and crafts with them…just get rid of them!

I know that you got some Christmas cards this year. And, I know that it feels great to get mail from family and friends. You might even smile when you walk by them and think about the people that sent them to you. I also know that all of the faces on those photo cards are adorable, but let me break it to you…throwing things away does not mean you are throwing away the people or the memories.

Memories are in our heads, not our things. -The Minimalists

Ohhhh I can already hear you exclaiming,

‘But wait Rachel! I like to look back at my Christmas cards and see how the families have changed and grown over the years….’

My response?

Take a picture of the card and save it to a Christmas Card album on your phone or computer. Now…throw the Christmas card away!

Also, are you friends on Facebook or Instagram with the people that sent you cards? Keep up with images of the family and friends growing on there.

Or better yet, actually communicate with each other by starting a group chat in your text messages and share photos throughout the year with each other.

Let’s start day 1 with some progress! Don’t let those cards turn into next month’s clutter.

Still feel really bad about throwing cards away? Check out this link to for an idea about how to donate some of your cards. There may be other places in your community to donate cards to as well. Nursing homes and childcare centers may be able to use your old cards for crafts and activities.

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