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Life with a toddler- Beating toy boredom

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Beating toy boredom with a toddler

My simple swap method

Bonus** it cuts down on clutter too!

I know that I am not the only mom who has accumulated an over abundance of toys overflowing out of bins and shoved into corners.  Where did all of this stuff come from anyway??

However, despite the massive amounts of toys, my toddler seemed to be bored with almost every single one.  I was fed up with seeing all of the clutter, and I was not about to go buy more toys just to keep my child occupied.

That’s when I started to rotate my daughter’s toys.

I keep one basket full of small toys and one larger toy out.  The bin has things like shaker toys, plush toys, puzzles, and cars.  The larger toy is usually a ride on or walk behind toy.  EVERYTHING else gets put away in a closet or moved to our basement.

Then, when our toddler seems to be bored with her toys, we swap the toys.  I move her current bin of toys to the basement and bring a new bin of toys up.  It’s like Christmas morning everytime that we do it!  Her eyes get wide when she discovers that there are new toys out.

This method also helps us to get more creative with play.  It has taught us that we don’t always need toys out to have fun.  We sing, dance, play peakaboo, and get outside whenever we can.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for your little ones!

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