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What would you do with one hour uninterrupted time?

header image for blog postWhat would you do with one hour uninterrupted time?

I get an opportunity to answer this question on one evening of my choosing every week.

Like most new parents, I was struggling to maintain a balance between keeping up with chores around the hours while also spending quality time with family.  It is virtually impossible with a curious crawling baby awake to accomplish anything other than chasing her.  I found myself staying up late or waking up early to try to get stuff done.  Then I would just be tired and grumpy.  That’s when I came up with the one hour idea.

So what is this one hour I am talking about??

Well, one evening a week, after I get home from work and settled, I can tell my husband that I am redeeming my one hour.  That means for that hour, all childcare responsibilities shift to my husband.  I usually set a timer and play beat-the-clock to see how much cleaning I can get done, but I can use my one hour for whatever I want.  It can simply be for some me time, time to cook a nice meal without a toddler pulling on my leg, or time to catch up on other things.  It really amazes me just how much I can get done during my one hour.  Plus, I am usually within earshot of the family, so I can still enjoy them, just without all of the interruptions of a busy toddler.

For me, this one hour a week allows me to stay on top of things and elimates the overwhelming feeling that comes with trying to keep up.  If you are thinking about trying this, but you are feeling overwhelmed by everything you want to get done in one hours time; I suggest making a list.  Write down everything around that house that you want to get done.  Then, put a number by each one based on how important it is.  #1 being top priority, #2 being second, and so on.  Finally, systematically work down your list, making sure to take care of high priority items first.  I also really like making lists, because I then get to cross things off of them 🙂

AND, to keep things fair, my husband gets the same opportunity that I do.  If he has something that he needs some uniterrupted time, he will take use his hour.

What to you think?  Give it a try.  Feel free to comment with how you spent your one hour!

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