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Simple Living

Striving for Simple- My Why.

Striving for Simple.

my why title image

On paper, I have the picture-perfect life. I am married to the love of my life. We have a beautiful home with a big backyard in rural Pennsylvania. Our home is filled with a dog, cats, and a giggly 10-month-old daughter. My husband and I both have careers that we actually  enjoy.

Just perfect!

Well, then why is there such a pressure to do more? To have more? Up until recently, despite all the wonderful things that we have, I have felt such a need to have ‘more’. The desire to always want more had left me overwhelmed and stressed.

Then one day it hit me.

We don’t own our stuff, our stuff owns us.

I decided that I really didn’t need all of the stuff we had to make me happy. I also don’t need fancy things just to prove to other people that we have a good life.

This literally hit me in my office in the middle of my workday. I sent a quick text to my husband declaring that when I got home that evening I was going to get rid of everything that we didn’t need or have a use for. I was on a mission. What I didn’t realize is that things wouldn’t change overnight. It would be a process. A long process. A messy process. And a stressful process. I am still amidst this process, but what I have found early that as long as I keep my ‘why’ in mind, it can also be a joyful process.

With loads of excitement, and a healthy amount of nervousness, I am going to share this journey with you all. My goal is to live a simple and happy life. I am loving how much joy this journey has already brought to me and my family, and I am hopeful that by sharing, that others will find joy as well.

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